Welcome to Wells Research Laboratory, Inc. (WRL). Gerald J. Wells (BS Geography/Geology, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater) is Founder and President of this nonprofit organization formed exclusively for charitable educational, literary and scientific purposes. The corporation conducts and supports integrated multidisciplinary research in history, literature and the natural & social sciences. It also examines the potential scientific and historical underpinnings of mythology in an effort to comprehend the origins of myth. WRL investigations may challenge status quo assumptions while focusing on developing solutions to the numerous anomalies that pervade the foundation, infrastructure matrices, and ultimately, the institutional architecture, of human knowledge and understanding.

WRL employs the use of non-linear thinking which is instrumental in its investigative techniques.  It utilizes a broad spectrum approach to allow multidisciplinary research that is not restricted by conventional wisdom. Inspired by thinkers from Classical Greece, the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment, we operate under the premise that motivated individuals, regardless of formal education, are capable of critical analyses. WRL’s motto is ‘logic, reason and rational thought are free’.