Geomythology: This comprehensive geomythology investigation utilizes a unique tectonophysics model to provide a new interpretation of Plato’s Atlantis and its potential relationship to Egyptian myth.…

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Al Jafr Basin: Impact Evidence of Solar EMD?

Al Jafr Basin: Terrestrial Impact Evidence of Solar Electromagnetic Discharge? Geomythology: Evidence of High Velocity/Low Mass Impact? In the Greco-Egyptian myths, the powerful elements of… Read More

Poussin in Avignon

Baroque Era Art History: While the majority of art historians teach their students that Nicolas Poussin’s Landscape with Saint John on Patmos is an imagined… Read More

The Süleyman Paradox

Religious Anthropology: The Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) all have messianic prophecies that share many common elements. WRL investigations reveal that when these religious… Read More

Arthur’s Camelot in Autun, France

Autun France Map When WRL began its investigations into the potential natural and historical underpinnings of mythoi associated with tribes surrounding the Mediterranean Sea—notably those… Read More