WRL was founded to advance interdisciplinary field research, in geography, geology and archaeology, at locations identified by its founder in his critical analysis of the world’s most famous Greco-Egyptian creation and destruction myth, that of Atlantis and Bakhu. If you like what you see, please consider donating to WRL. (WRL is IRS 501(c)(3), EIN: 27-1235516)

Featured Projects

  • Atlantis Bakhu Island

    Island of Atlantis-Bakhu

    Geomythology: This comprehensive geomythology investigation utilizes a unique tectonophysics model to provide a new interpretation… Read More

  • Al Jafr Basin: Impact Evidence of Solar EMD?

    Al Jafr Basin: Terrestrial Impact Evidence of Solar Electromagnetic Discharge? Geomythology: Evidence of High Velocity/Low Mass Impact? In the Greco-Egyptian myths, the powerful elements of… Read More