Story behind creation of WRL subject of newspaper article

On June 5th, an article written by reporter Doug Erickson entitled, Quest for a Lost City, was published in the print version of the Wisconsin State Journal’s “Sunday Best Section”. The article is now available online at Erickson’s objective treatment of the story behind the creation of WRL revealed a glimpse into the little-known history about its founder, Jerry Wells, and his decision to push ahead with the Atlantis-Bakhu research despite quite strong widespread academic resistance to the topic. It was also well emphasized by the reporter that, since Wells has independently educated himself through self-study in the subjects connected to his research, he faces a rather significant bias from those most ideally positioned to offer aid through their expertise and involvement by their affiliated colleges and universities. Clearly, Wells is optimistic his new interpretation of ancient myths, and the testable hypotheses derived from them, will be recognized by the laureates who work so hard to expand human understanding in an institution named in honor of Plato’s Academe.