Al Jafr Basin: Impact Evidence of Solar EMD?

Potential Electro-thermodynamic & Magneto-hydrodynamic Effects

Figures 5a, 5b and 5c, show depictions of the proposed primary action plane associated with an EMD as charged particles bounce across the surface and electromagnetic current surges through the crust.

Figure 5a
Figure 5b
Figure 5c

Notice that in several locations along the surface ribbon of the action plane indicated by the figures, researchers have found evidence of natural sheet glass field formations which were necessarily formed by very high-temperatures spread across large land tracts. For example, the pure translucent green glass found scattered about the silica sand fields of the Libyan Desert near the Gilf Kebir Plateau, Egypt, have apparently been formed at a remarkably high temperature of 3300 F (1800 C) and this location is on the ribbon of the action plane. But some of this glass has been dated by uranium decay to be millions of years old and the proposed EMD is thought to have occurred just before the Holocene about 12,000 years ago, so given the complexity of dating techniques and the potential for neutrons, from the EMD itself, resetting of the decay clocks, retesting would be suggested.

In Figure 5b, the curious geometric relationship between the proposed EMD action plane and several high-energy dependent geologic phenomena are plotted and suggest a correlation. They include the Libyan Desert Glass fields in Egypt (mentioned above); Edeowie sheet glass field near Lake Torrens and Flinder’s Range in Australia; and, near Rio Cuarto in the Pampean Plains of Argentina, more glass and a series of finger craters that seem to be remnants of a grouping of impacts with a rare extremely oblique angle of entry. As indicated earlier, the proposed source of the EMD is high-density clusters of sub-atomic particles (electrons, protons and neutrons) associated with strong rogue magnetic field segments hurtling through space approaching light-speed. Is it possible that the craters gouged in the surface of the Pampean Plains are impact sites associated with the same high-velocity discharge bombardment that may have caused the many anomalies discussed herein?

Moreover, once fully studied, given the high temperatures thought to be associated with such discharging energy, the ribbon of the action plane around the Earth (Fig. 5c), which includes the anomalous glass sites and craters, will likely reveal more scientific evidence of intense vegetation fires and rapid evaporation of sea water causing carbon deposition precipitated out of the atmosphere by heavy rains. Given the proposed late Pleistocene date for the EMD (~12,000 years ago), physical remains of these events may have already been observed by a wide variety of researchers and recorded in their data which could further substantiate this hypothesis of a recent global catastrophe.

Furthermore, we want to elucidate another interesting potential connection between the proposed EMD and the integral magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) system of Earth. As shown in Figures 5b and 5c by the ribbon of the action plane, the Antarctic Dipole in the south Pacific is positioned geometrically exactly opposite the EMD impact site in Jordan. Is it possible that the high energies associated with EMD could have interacted with Earth’s magnetic field?  And, if so, then were there measurable effects on the dynamo itself? It should be noted that this dipole has been implicated in recent research to be the source of warm El Nino currents. And, given reports of measurements indicating that the MHD of Earth is in the early stages of an impending magnetic polar reversal, it raises the possibility that an EMD impact could have had a contributory role in the destabilization of Earth’s MHD. If such a connection can be made, it may help us to better understand the circumstances and processes that occasionally lead to magnetic polar reversal. And, since many reversals have been identified spread randomly across geologic-time, would this speculated interconnection, if it truly exists, suggest solar EMD is a normal recurrent phenomenon?