Why Donate, Sponsor and Participate?

Wells Research Laboratory, Inc. (WRL) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit science and history think-tank that uses an integrated multidisciplinary approach to analyze scientific and historical anomalies. This important work can lead to advances in knowledge that may position humanity for greater achievements in the future.  One of WRL’s primary focus areas is geomythology where we employ geologic science in an effort to interpret the catastrophic events described in various myths.

Atlantis-Bakhu is one of our two key geomythology projects. In this study, we’ve discovered a unique and verifiable site in NW Africa that matches all of Plato’s detailed geographic and geologic descriptions of Atlantis without altering what he described. Our site also shows important parallels with the ancient mythical Egyptian city of Bakhu. This Greco-Egyptian study is a refreshing new hypothesis based entirely in measurable geologic science. It shatters the paradigm by showing how it is possible that Atlantis did NOT sink, but only appeared to have sunk, and actually rose instead during the catastrophe. The research is fascinating and if you take the time to review the data you’ll be impressed by this compelling and insightful discovery. For complete details, we highly recommend watching our video of the narrated presentation, or see our project brochure and FAQs for a quick overview.

If you’ve ever…

  • wanted to help solve a mystery
  • wanted to participate in an international project, or
  • wondered if Plato’s Atlantis was real

please consider sponsoring our research team by giving a tax-deductible donation to WRL, or by offering your scientific expertise and the involvement of your university. We need the support of people like you. Your contribution will be used to help push this project forward including conducting a comprehensive field investigation to determine if Plato’s myth has a geologic basis. A team of geophysicists from several international institutions has already agreed to help conduct the field survey as soon as funding is available!

As a 501(c)(3) charitable educational organization (27 – 1235516), part of our mission is to share our research findings, so if you have gatherings where you would like this information presented, please contact us.

The Al Jafr Basin study is our second major geomythology project and is a companion to the Atlantis-Bakhu research.  Here we focus on high-energy discharge myths associated with Zeus and the Egyptian god Ra-Sekhmet.

For complete details on these unique Greco-Egyptian geomythology studies or for information on our other research projects, view the Home page.